Students from Centro Escolar Los Altos present at ISTE 2016

We believe a student who knows how to use their knowledge and technological skills can achieve a better future. Read More »

Virtual Reality Tour With Google Cardboard to Amazing Places!

In this project students will share their city\'s landmarks to students from all over the world. Your students will discover amazing places, cultures and costumes by creating a virtual tour. Emerge your students in their learning for Social Studies class! Read More »

Follow me #IwillNeverDoItAgain

By using instagram and twitter, students will create a social campaign using memes about the importance of knowing the effects that alcohol causes in their bodies. Students will analyze how every ounce of alcohol affects them. Read More »

Want to Play quidditch? Program Minidrones to get the Golden Snitch!

Learn how to fly drones in a challenge where you will have to use all your programming abilities, to get the Golden Snitch, like the Quidditch game from Harry Potter. Use Tickle App to program and create games, that will engage your students in their learning, no matter the subject! Read More »

Glogging Biology Reports

Make your classes fun, dynamic and attractive! Show your students how to create digital posters that allows them to integrate concepts and develop a great biology lab reports. We’ll show you how to use iMovie and Premiere Pro in different ways where your students become protagonists. They will love it! Read More »

Stop motion to animate physics concepts

Change the way you teach Physics into a funny, easy and dynamic way; creating animated situations to explain how physics works in your life. By using Stop Motion, students will construct knowledge by themselves creating and sharing animations using their smartphones. Produce with your students amazing Stop Motion videos. Read More »

Touching hearts using Storytelling: Make students Act!

Give your students the opportunity to talk about stories to create awareness in the public by doing campaigns to promote values. Such as solidarity and generosity towards others, using apps and web pages like wix, canva, animoto and youtube. Read More »

10 Innovative Ways to Use Plickers

Use Plickers in your classroom to catch your students attention, while creating a learning environment where your students will be motivated to participate in class. Participate with us and get to know 10 different strategies to use Plickers in your classroom for evaluation, process of information and reflection. Read More »


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