Students from Centro Escolar Los Altos present at ISTE 2015

We believe a student who knows how to use their knowledge and technological skills can achieve a better future. Read More »

Mesoamerica: Virtual Trip to an Ancient Magic World

Connect your students to the magical world of our ancestors in Mesoamerica. We will explore history and the pre-hispanic culture using Google Maps, Sites and YouTube to create a virtual experience. Read More »

Keep your students alive with First Aid digital comics

Learn how your students can promote first aid skills by creating digital comic using PowToon. Read More »

Pin Your Ecology Projects to Connect Students With Nature

Learn about the great advantages of using Pinterest as a tool to design incredible information portals. Read More »

Promote an ecological conscience by designing 3D spaces such as houses, schools, parks, and buildings that express sustainable environments that convey ecological education using Google SketchUp and Floorplanner. Read More »

Help your students enjoy the experience of writing using their creativity and technology skills to transform any information into different applications formats. Give them the opportunity to express themselves freely. Read More »

Share your students reading experiences and get them involved in the literary world by having them create APPS where they can share their books reviews to increase their passion for reading. Read More »

Optimize your time by flipping your classroom. This will facilitate the development of students´ technological skills. Using simple tutorials, you will save time, especially when working on projects that require different technological tools. Read More »

Learn the steps to teach robotics starting from the basic concepts of building and designing robots and programming them using We\'ll teach you how to introduce a robotics program in different stages and share our manual and our work strategies. Read More »


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