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Effects of light and contamination in seeds germination

This Lab Practice was made in order to let you know how the different light wavelengths influence in the seeds germination.



Here’s a sneak peek! Check it out!


Objective: To observe the effect of different wavelengths.

Hypothesis: If wavelength directly affects the germination of differetn seeds, then by using different wavelengths we will observe different germination in seeds.


Organ Dissection

This is a lab report that we did for the subject of biology. We made aorgan disseccion, and then we made a podcast so that it could be easier for us to learn. Here is the link so that you can see what we did:

In this lab report the objective was:

Identify the organs of an adult pig and then compared them to the ones we human beings have, all this for the biology field. This laboratory report was made in order to be able to distinguish and identify the organs of the animal belonging to the respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive and urinary tracts, such as their functions in the body.

Petunias Lab Report


Laboratory Report

January 2012

Objective: To observe the behavior of two plants of the same type that were fed with two different kinds of substances.

Hypothesis: Certain manmade substances affect the plant´s life and development.