#Flipping the Classroom

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Flipped class is this: that which is traditionally done in class is now done at home, and that which is traditionally done as homework is now completed in class and is more than this!

This is the process:

1) Record a small video with the process or best ideas of the topic that you want to explain.

2) Edit and Share on your channel in youtube (you could use iMovie or MovieMaker to edit your video).

3) Share in your school platform (moodle, edmodo, web page, blog, etc…).

4) Give to your students the homework: watch the video and take notes, solve a problem, write a tweeter, share an idea on Facebook, etc.

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5) Next day, start your class with a few minutes of discussion about the video from the night before.

It is import ant to have always in mind that this is a a process where students are training to view our videos effectively. That they have now the power to «pause», «rewind» and «repeat».

6) Continue with the practice class, where the students guided and independent practice learning.


We select some example of flipping class of math for you, check the examples: