MESOAMERICA: virtual trip to an Ancient Magic World


Purpose and objectives

Do you want to enjoy a trip to the root of our mesoamerican civilization?

Our 9th grade junior high students will use different sources of information, such as digital, museums visits, archeological sites and electronic sources to describe the cultural milestone that the Mesoamerican civilizations represent in subjects such as science, architecture, gastronomy, literature, and art.

The students will show their knowledge acquired during the process, creating videos including google maps and a google site to share different strategies of investigation and sources of information.

The goal of this project is to use the resources at hand in the best way possible and to engage the attendees with the knowledge acquired through the process, in the presentation.

At the end of the presentation, the attendees will know how to use technological tools in classes such as History that will change the way of teaching and learning, transforming it into a fun and interesting environment.

ISTE standards

Creativity and Innovation:

Creating videos, google maps and a google sites to share different research strategies and sources of information.

Research and Information Fluency:

Designing an App to demonstrate knowledge and skills related with American and Mexican History.

Creating media-rich presentations for other students to take in the different cultures.

Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity:

Present to your students a new, dynamic way to learn History, helping them make every minute of the past come to life.



Prezi presentation


Rubric of the Mesoamerica

Tutorial Video:

1- Includes videos and photos

2- How to create titles and credits

3- How to insert audio


Virtual Documental Trip

Totonacas culture

Zapotecas culture

Chichimecas culture

Toltecas culture

Tarascos culture


Huicholes culture