#LoveRead&Share: Tweeting Books

Purpose and objectives

This project develops the capacity of the students to elaborate a literature analysis of various classic authors and their favorite texts, through the elaboration of “thinking sheets”, also usable for movies and tv series.

Via Google Drive, the students of 11th grade will develop a portfolio of literature reviews, including the cover of the book and their analysis of the texts, sharing their thoughts on the subject.

The App will be distributed via a QRcode, in order to achieve the most exposure of their work.

ISTE standards

Communication and Collaboration:

Students will work in teams to create an App containing a book review to share with their peers.

Research and Information Fluency:

Picking out digital tools and resources to create real-world tools such as Apps for book recommendations.

Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity:

Switching up the way to motivate your students to read books using Apps to share their experience.



Prezi presentation


Rubric presentation

Tutorial video


Students Apps: