Teenagers Can Be Authors! Let Them Write


Purpose and objectives

During the Project, the 8th grade Spanish students, will learn to make a research starting from the selection of a theme that will be transformed into a script that will end up in a video. Students will produce different journalistic texts, in a video format, like: news report, interviews, reportages, and chronics.

Keep your students involved in the communication world, designing a TV show in which they will create, by work teams, capsules with journalistic texts in video format, motivating them to improve their oral and writing expression.

Students will demonstrate how to use web applications to elaborate in a creative and easy way a google site, including a digital video portfolio.


ISTE standards

Communication and Collaboration:

Students will create and publish their portfolios that demonstrate different journalistic texts.

Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity:

Teachers can teach writing skills through creative tools.

Model Digital-Age Work and Learning:

Teachers use media to motivate their students to learn in a creative way and to demonstrate their knowledge



Rubric Document.pdf

Project Description.pdf


Student Sites:

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