Robotics: Elementary Through High School


Purpose and objectives

Since there are plenty of robotics products and materials for school in the market, making the right choice can be hard. This is the main reason we would like to share with you our eight years´ worth of experience. Teachers, directors and technology specialists will be able to see the stages in which we have introduced robotics and programming to the curriculum.

We have carefully developed different programs for the different ages, always complying with ISTE standards. Participants will have access to contents, programs and materials for our technology teaching programs, which include robotics, programming and the use of other programs for multimedia information processing.

During the exposition, the participants will get the students involved in robotics through simple challenges which allow the students to develop the problem-solving skills necessary according to the ISTE standards.

Using Mac and PC platforms, participants will program LEGO and VEX robots to do a set of challenges, with help from our students expositors of course.

ISTE standards

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision-Making:

Using robotics to understand physics and mechanics concepts.

Technology Operations and Concepts:

Students program robots using different language such as Logo, Scratch, Lego Mindstorm and RobotC. Using a variety of technology interfaces and operating systems the students share their advances and findings solutions.

Digital-Age Learning Culture:

Promoting increasingly common use of Robotics for learning, involving them in national and global competitions to stimulate innovation, creativity, and digital-age collaboration.


Robotics program for your school.pdf

Learning programming with Logo.pdf


Programming with LEGO Mindstorms.pdf

Mechanisms: basics of physics.pdf

Simple machines and Structures.pdf

Vex Robotics Manual – High School.pdf