Pin Your Ecology Projects

to Connect Students With Nature


Purpose and objectives

unnamedParticipants will discover a different way in which their student’s are capable of reporting and sharing their school’s work using a digital wall to develop their creativity and sensibility using Pinterest.

In this assignment, Ecology students build a garden using recyclable materials in the most creative way as possible.

During the school year, they harvest different vegetables species, mainly condiments to prepare food. As they go thru the process, they build a digital wall using their pinterest, in which they will post all their project’s progress, uploading their own videos, photographs, podcasts and interviews.

In a creative, fun and artistic way they build a wonderful digital wall with their own experiences that they’ll be able to share with mobile devices and social networks as a contribution in this digital era for the protection and conservation of the environment.

During the session, participants will observe digital walls made by students, besides, they will have the opportunity to create or build a digital wall in a fun and quick way.


ISTE standards

Creativity and Innovation:

Design a digital wall in Pinterest to demonstrate knowledge and skills related to curriculum content.

Create and publish on line a wall with evidences and progress of the project.

Model Digital-Age Work and Learning:

Collaborate with students, peers, using digital tools and resources to support student success and innovation.

Teachers can use Pinterest to engage their students in an attractive way in any subject.


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Students Pinterest:





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