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Purpose and objectives

Developing new projects always require a close monitoring from the teacher, especially when the intention is to integrate different web applications that may enrich the objectives of the class.

Nowadays, teachers wonder how can technology tools may be use to support students learning. Some questions often asked by the teachers are: What computer program may I use to teach my subject? How can I integrate different programs in order to make an impact and catch their attention? When using a specific program, how can I solve their doubts? Although these questions are important, our mayor worry is when teachers ask, “How can we focus on the students’ development of new skills and content learning rather than focusing on the format used for the project?”

It often happens that teachers spend several classes explaining the process of using different technology tools, for example, how to create a web page, blog, video, podcast, etc s o during this process teachers might forget the real intention which is: the development of new and relevant learning achievements.

This situation can occur frequently, and that is the reason why we would like to invite teachers to focus their class in their students thinking process by doing a blending between flipping classes and the class itself.

This project will teach how to use technology by using a “Know How to Use” library. This library will include all the programs that will be used in the class or during the elaboration of the project. This way, the teacher can concentrate in the development of the students’ thinking skills, guide students to analyze their own learning process and encourage a cooperative work when working in teams.

This project has been conducted in high school, however, it can be used for junior high students as well.

We will show you how to create your own tutorials, to guide your students in the development of technological products that will enable them to create integrating projects using Mac and PC.

Every teacher will have access to Spanish and English video tutorials, which can be used with students when working in projects that can or must involve technology.

During the presentation, our teachers´ team will apply the strategy of developing projects, creating with participants new projects choosing adequate activities from our technological objects. Later on, our students will teach participants how to use each of the selected web applications and steps to create technological tutorials.


ISTE standards

Technology Operations and Concepts:

Students will use the flipping videos in their projects to focus in the subject content instead of technical teacher support.

Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments:

Teachers can be effective and efficient class using flipping videos to explain technical procedures.