Keep Your Students Alive with First Aid Digital Comics


Purpose and objectives

POWTOONSFirst Aid is a complicated subject, especially hard to remember at the stressful time of the emergency. This is why it is so important to develop significant projects for our students to learn these skills and put them to use when need be.

Stimulate your students’ creativity by adapting the contents of your class into fun presentations. Working in teams, they can learn the basics of first aid in a friendly and dynamic way. Powtoon is a novel tool that boosts students’ creativity and pushes them to create their own learning methods.

Our projects consist in motivating students to create an animated guide of First Aid using PowToon. This way, students create their own information, they summarize it and they turn it into an animated video clip that teaches in the spam of a few pictures how to deal with an emergency the right way.

During our exposition, we will display the different animated clips, and our students will teach people the steps to creating a comic in PowToon. All the teachers that visit us will make a short comic with our students’ help, sharing with us their contact information and their interests, so that we can put together a directory that can later be used for the making of projects in collaboration.


ISTE standards

Creativity and Innovation:

Design an develop a digital comic to demonstrate knowledge and skills related to health care.

Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity:

Engage students in exploring real-world issues as first aids in biology class using digital tools and resources.



Steps to create a PowToon

Tutorial of PowToon

Rubric of PowToon


Students PowToon Middle:

Students: Ximena and Paulette.

Students: Ale Dubín, Ana Paula Cuburu y Sofía Osorio

Student: Dany Carlos

Student: Vale Jacques


Students PowToon Highschool:

Inside powtoon: