Create 3D Virtual Living Spaces to Promote

Sustainable Developement


Purpose and objectives

To raise awareness of the need that exists today to utilize our natural resources rightfully, not only in the topic of pollution, but in creating better living conditions from every student’s perspective.

In this project, students will take control of the design and construction of spaces which transmit sustainable lifestyle, making them realize the real need to reduce the environmental effects our current life has on the planet.

In chemistry class, High School seniors use SketchUp to design and construct spaces designed to respect the environment, making good use of not renewable resources such as the sunlight, rain, wind, organic waste, and such.

The students will present their prototypes whose goal is to find a way to impact society through the making of a publicity campaign that promotes sustainable living spaces.

SketchUp is a 3D modeling software that makes it easy to learn and incredibly fun to use. During the congress, the students will show their work and teach participants how use Google SketchUp.


ISTE Standards

Creativity and Innovation:

Students will design models in sketch up to demonstrate knowledge and skills related to curriculum content.

Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity:

Engage students in exploring real-world issues as design green houses and help solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources.

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Project description

Project Rubric

Project Example:

Research of Eco Home.pdf


3D Virtual Eco Home SketchUp.skp


SketchUp Students Videos


Mall and Hotel




Ecological House


Green Neighbourhood


Fitness Center