Purpose and objectives

Teenager are eager to help others and defend social injustice; we have found the way to focus their energy to participate and get involve in supporting social causes.

During the exposition will show the most impacting stories told by our students; using the storytellings strategies to transform real stories into moving stories, that motivate people, to support associations or social movements through social networks. Participants will learn the steps to create a social campaign using a storytelling strategy with videos, narratives, posters, and social networks. They will elaborate a short story and learn how to narrate it , with the help of our students.. 10th grade students, in Reading and Writing class, presented a storytelling about a person with illness or disability close to them.

The storytelling included: previous research about the illness/disability or any social issue, interviews and personal narrative of protagonists, specialists, relatives and friends. Participants will consult web sites used for each social campaign, and storytelling. Learn the steps to elaborate videos with storytelling strategies, write a screenplay using the appropriate technique, and create a poster, video and website, with the help of our students.



Touching hearts using Storytelling Metodology



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