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Purpose and objectives

The participants will learn to elaborate memes following our design requirements using different apps.The students will be introduced to the campaign #IWillNeverDoItAgain to create social awareness about the consumption of alcohol.

This project was made by 10th grade Chemistry students, their main purpose was to create a viral campaign through social media to make an impact with groups associated with this current issue. This way, teenagers will be able to expand, communicate ideas and projects to other teens.

Their goal is to influence the public towards a good cause for teenagers. After analyzing the alcohol molecule and identifying the different kinds of beverages and the effects these produce, depending on the amount and levels consumed; The students will be able to design different types of memes with a scientific/informative background and include a sarcastic-funny phrase that would invite the audience to reflect on it. Using different tools such as: Google Sites, Youtube and Picasa; students will develop the research project by including: videos, interviews, pictures gallery of memes and more.

Students will use social networks such as instagram and twitter to develop and spread their campaign to create a responsible awareness for alcohol consume among teens. Make it viral! share your opinion with us, and create consciousness!





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