Purpose and objectives

Participate in our poster session and elaborate a digital poster by using Glogster Engaging students in biology lab reports can be difficult, due to the fact that they have been handing them in, the same way for decades.

By doing this project, students learned to use different digital tools to transmit their thoughts and experiences in the lab. Glogster is a tool that allows you to integrate what students experienced in the lab, creating a digital interactive poster where they can create a fun and creative science lab report. By using this tool we engage our students in science and change their feelings towards creating lab reports.

During the presentation, our students will show participants how to use Glogster and will interact with them to create their own posters and share them with the community. Glogster is an incredible tool that help students improve their technology skills by using different multimedia, such as writing texts, adding videos, audio and images to explain every science procedure done during the experiments.



Glogster Grading List


Glogster Tutorial

Students Glogsters

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