Purpose and objectives

Learn to program with drones and get to know a variety of fun ways to teach your students programming structures, and develop logical and mathematical skills. Get to know how students learn different ways can apply their programming skills for any electronic devices, through the Quidditch game students learn and enjoy programming drones.

The Parrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact drone controlled by a smartphone or iPad. It flies indoors and outdoors with surprising speed and stability. Parrot offers an intuitive control from your iPad as well as block-based programming through Tickle. In computer class, we added programming lessons with students from 5th till 12th grade. During this lessons they did activities using drones, students were excited on flying drones and at the same time they reviewed math, science and history topics. We used Parrot’s Rolling Spider minidrones that we programmed using Tickle with the iPads.

We designed a Quidditch-type game where students were divided into two teams; the purpose is to program their drones and compete to obtain the Golden Snitch. We also created a rally in collaboration with science and history teachers where they gave some questions to students and every time they answered correctly they won a code for their drone. Participants will program drones and realize a mini challenge with the help of our students. They will be able to see different programming exercises and activities created by our students from different grades, to use them later in their schools. We will show them how they can use recycle material to create their own games field as well as provide them with our digital procedures. Participate with our students and win the Golden Snitch!


Tickle Tutorial for Drones

Tickle Tutorial for Learning programing with Orca



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