Purpose and objectives

Plickers is an app that enables us to evaluate students in a real-time response operating system, which will allow us to save money on software and hardware.

This app is designed to assist schools that do not have enough financial resources. Motivation is a crucial factor in the learning methodology process, and Plickers has given us the opportunity to achieve our student’s participation during the different stages of the class, such as the activation, the process of information, the recap stage as well as the evaluation. This app is currently operating in our school from PK to 12º, giving us an active and accurate participation of all students during the class.

The response that we get is immediate and we will be delighted to show you some of our best practices. In this session, the audience will participate using plickers in 10 different ways. They will also be instruct about implementing these tools into the classrooms and how to engage students.

This 10 strategies will help you to continuously assess student’s learning and literacy by applying a rich variety of formative and summative assessments aligned with content and students technology standards. Plickers is a free web with a great potential. Participants will enjoy the interaction with our students, in many of the different activities that we prepared for you!.



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