Discover the Authentic Author You Can Be: Creating eBooks for Your Students

Discover how to use your teaching portfolio to create eBooks that include course content, videos, demos, and interactive gadgets to have a compelling class and design the best learning experiences for your students.

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Purpose & objective

Creating eBook doesn’t have limits. As teacher you can design your lesson plan as an eBook, integrating the learning process of your students using different kinds of widgets to make learning attractive and interesting. Also get to know how to save money to your school and parents.
You are going to explore our eBooks using all the interactive widgets and learn the steps you need to create your own eBook: creating chapters, sections and full pages.
We will demonstrate how to use iBooks Author to elaborate workbooks including content, videos, links and widgets to made them interactive.
Also you will learn how to go beyond and develop short stories with their specific characteristics and structure for the purpose of creating a virtual library with your students.
Finally you will know how to publish your eBooks in iBooks Store and share it with your colleagues.

General Steps to use iBooks Author

Need practice? Download the iBook Author starter kit 


During our exposition we will demonstrate how to integrate different multimedia content such as: animations, videos, interactive images, gallery, popup text and other widgets to produced iBooks using iBookAuthor.
You will get access to our Technology eBooks used by our students in elementary.
Participants will make a small eBook integrating different widgets helped by our students and will be able to download the methodology, the work plan and the tutorials for future implementation.

Download Free Technology interactive books:

3th grade – Technology

4th grade – Technology

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