Student YouTubers: The New Way to Engage in Reading!

Would you like to have a brief chat with Shakespeare or Miguel de Cervantes? What would they talk about if they were YouTubers? Find out how students can discover their favorite authors and travel to their era. They can also explore how, where and when they lived, and ask them about their literary works.


Purpose & objective

Why not turn your students into real YouTuber stars, so they can be the providers of fun chats to demonstrate their interest and love of learning from classic authors like Shakespeare, Dante Alighieri, Edgar Allan Poe, etc. This will make easier to hold the attention of students in and outside the classroom!
With the use of forums and the gamification system, you’ll keep your students interested, you’ll promote their participation by giving them badges to recognize their best contributions, encouraging a respectful and positive working environment.

Talk to the authors and learn the meaning of their famous quotes and main literary contributions, in what time these emerged and what was the context when they were written.
Quotes like: «much ado about nothing» or «if dogs bark is because we are making progress»?

In this project you´re invited to exchange ideas with authors like Shakespeare, Dante Alighieri, Edgar Allan Poe and many others. Our 11th grade students investigated these authors, their most representative work and role playing them to share their points of view of their writings with other students from different locations in the world.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can chat, meet and discuss with our students representing these authors. Find out what authors like Goethe and Beethoven have in common.
Learn how to implement gamification system to encourage an awesome performance in the student’s behalf.

Allow your students learn in an easy and fun way the most important literary pieces, life and context of the authors and exchange your ideas with them.

Our students will be happy to share their experience with you!




Through Youtube and Facebook, students are invited to get out of the classroom and share with other students in order to enrich their learning experience; by producing videos, hangouts, and live presentations, they can understand in an easier way, the most significant movements and currents of world literature.

You will be able to download the student’s files as well as projects methodology description and rubrics, a quick guide and all our links from the student’s project.

Get to know the gamification system that we use through moodle, encourage participation of students with medals and badges assignment.


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