Sports to Understand Physics Concepts and Improve Your Physical Performance

With the use of a smartphone, your students can understand physics concepts in sports and discover how they can improve their technique from applied scientific knowledge. See how, by analyzing movements sports including basketball, volleyball, football, tennis and golf, students can critically analyze their performance.

Purpose & objective

Physics is a complicated subject, specially when students should solve problems where they can´t find the relation with daily life.
This is why it is so important to develop significant projects for our students to learn in an easy way, connecting with their interests and with practical application for their benefit.
Students love sports. Stimulate their creativity by adapting the contents of your class into fun broadcasting video of sports presentations. By working in teams, they can learn the Physics laws applied to sport and analyze the technique used to improve them.
Engage your students in the world of physics, help them to understand the concepts and variables involved in the different kinds of motion.
Through the application, they will explain the motion of objects apply in sports (Law of Physics).
Green screen is a tool that boosts student`s creativity and motivates them to create their own learning methods. With iMovie, it’s easy to use green screen effects and combine two videos. Students become the main characters of their own learning. Using Keynote, they include text, animation notes and explain how the law of physics is applied in every case.
Students in work teams, create their own informative site, summarize and write a script that will turn into a movie to show how apply physics concepts to improve a better sport’s technique.
Your students will learn communication skills by recreating physics concepts in their daily life, accomplishing a meaningful and lasting experience through the “Physical-Sport broadcasting news”.
Students’ sites will be shared, where their video analysis and reports can be found, giving you the chance to use them in your classroom or further projects.
During the exposition, our students will demonstrate the process behind the scenes, and will explain the steps to work with iMovie using green screen and Keynote to edit professionally, creating videos with notes.
Teachers that visit us will make a short iMovie with our student’s help.
Don’t miss out our Physics Sport Program YouTube channel! Visit us!

Physics Green Screeen – Template

Physics Video Rubric


During this poster session students will share some of their videos as well as the process they went through.
Students will teach participants to produce a short movie in our green screen studio! Our website will display all of our iMovies, a downloadable manual to create an iMovie using green screen, the project description and grading rubrics.
We will share our YouTube channel and students Google sites in which you can access to all the projects.
All participants that create a video with our students during the exposition will win a green prize!


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