Bring Chemistry to Life With Real Superheroes

Transform your lab into a video studio where your students create cartoons of chemistry reactions. Students will learn the chemical reactions and properties of elements as they become the superheros in their chemistry cartoon using Aurasma to transform the experience in a real scene.


Purpose & objective

Safety standards inside the laboratory are important to prevent accidents when handling chemicals. It is essential that students learn the chemical properties of the elements and how they react when combined.

Identify the importance of the chemical properties of the elements can save your life!

Teach your students that Chemistry is not magic, it’s real and fun as well as applicable!

To identify the importance of the chemical elements and their properties can save your life! Teach your students understand that not everything is magic, there are tricks that can fool the eye, however, if they learn to apply their knowledge in chemistry, amazing things will happen.

Experiment with your students some safety chemical reactions that allow them to understand the properties of elements and compounds, used in daily life.

Students create comics of each stage of the chemical reactions performed in the laboratory and produced video for each image; using augmented reality, they’ll bring their comic to life, becoming the main character of an amazing story.
With this project your students´ will discover the importance of using the scientific method to prove chemical reactions; following each steps.

By explaining properties of solutions, changes and reactions in the states of matter, to small explosions, students will never forget chemistry.


The participants will be able to:
Have the opportunity to interact one to one with our students, to know about their projects.

Have the opportunity to create and design interactive comics using photos and videos to create augmented reality with presentations, powtoon and Aurasma.

Have access to the project description and links of the comics.

This poster session will demonstrate how this project promotes creativity, collaboration, higher order thinking skills and student engagement to Chemistry while they have fun.


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