W-Factor Stars in Class! Let Your Students Shine!

Find out how students use GarageBand to compose music and lyrics about solutions to common social problems, including taking care of the planet, health care and how to be happy.


Purpose & objective

Having students writing more than 121 characters is a challenge for all those professors who teach how to develop essays.
Help your students to become passionate about writing, and also motivate them to transcend and influence positively others through writing. We want to join efforts and take a good care of the environment, eradicate bullying and promote a well-conditioned lifestyle through healthy eating habits and exercise.

Our aim is to foster social awareness through music made by young people.

The 10th grade students of the Reading & Writing Skills workshop make recreational resources that allow them to express their feelings and emotions through music.

Walk your students to fame as they write, compose and produce their own video clips. With GarageBand, students create a video clip with their own music tracks and songs. In addition, they add images, videos and animated text to finally share it on YouTube and make them viral.
Invite your community and parents to the “W-factor” competition to award the best lyrics and the most viral video.




Give your students the opportunity to express their feelings by writing songs and creating videoclips to make them viral. In addition you will support awareness in different social campaigns.

Introduction: Students will explain the objectives and project an overview of writing skills and techniques, using GarageBand to create songs.

One to One activity: The participants will learn how to create a short song with lyrics and music made it by them with our students help; and sharing them in YouTube

Participants will have all access to the videoclips, lyrics, rubrics and methodology to implement in their classroom.

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Problemas Alimenticios

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Presión Social

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Poema Concreto

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