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                      ABOUT US


Since 1974 we have been molding young minds with a transcendent vision of life; competent, proactive, capable of assuming the challenges of their personal formation and becoming leaders of social transformation.


Centro Escolar Los Altos promote the integral formation of each student while strengthening her own personality. We pay special attention to their intellectual, volitional, technical, cultural, physical, moral, aesthetic, social, and spiritual aspects, all with a Christian vision.

Our educational model focuses on six essential aspects: Educate for Life, learn to learn, learn to do, learn to Interact with others, learn to be oneself, and learn to Love. We make use of spear point and up-to-date methodologies and learning strategies, such as: a method based on projects, «Webquest», collaborative learning, problem solving situations, case solving, portfolios, mind map, essays and debates, among others.Tutoring is the center of our personalized education program. It is the most valuable asset the School has to maintain good communication an integration between parents, faculty, and students. It also helps to detect any special need or support that a student might require.

IMG_1430We are aware to the importance of preparing our students in an excellent manner for today´s highly competitive world. That is why Centro Escolar Los Altos stresses on the teaching of English and leans on International Certification Programs that helps pupils develop the necessary skills and abilities to succeed in multicultural environments.

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