Blogging Your Ecology project: video, podcast and more


Consuelo Melendez, Centro Escolar Los Altos with María José Camarena González, María Paula Díaz Guzmán, Ana Patricia Fernández Jiménez, Montserrat Ortiz de Montellano Vega, Rebeca Partida Flores, Elizabeth Pinzon and Ana Isabel Rodríguez Mayora

Purpose & Objectives

Use blogs to engage your students to report and share their research with interviews, videos, podcast, news, links and experiences during the process to make a Science Project.
This technological tool can be used to evaluate and grade the student’s work.
In this project the students will build a portable garden box to harvest organic spices and aromatic herbs to be eaten by their owner.
Science project approaches students to be digital citizens and gives them alternative solutions for environmental care.
Blog or web pages are useful to promote collaborative learning, to produce creative
work, to solve problems, and to communicate information and ideas effectively throughout the world.


We will show how you can add content and resources in a blog or web page, following the methodology and technical processes needed to produce your own project.
All participants will be able to create their own blog or web page including a video experience (using QuickTime or Photo Booth), making it easy and enjoyable; coached by our students.
Observe the best blogs about Ecology projects made by our students.
This project will be helpful to obtain the ‘Green School Certification’.

Teachers Papers

Judges Rubric

Eco-gardener Desing

Blogging my ecology projects












Student´s Videos Experiences



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