Create your Virtual Business with Mac

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Elizabeth Pinzon, Centro Escolar Los Altos with Paola Carroll, Elsa Judith Cuen Quintero, Ana Patricia Fernández Jiménez, Rebeca Partida Flores, Ana Isabel Rodríguez Mayora and María Fernanda Escobedo Flores.

Purpose& Objectives

Know our Entrepreneur program that stimulates imagination, creativity, and develops technological abilities for students through the creation of a virtual business.
The students will show you the know how to create a business using technology as a tool to impact the world; using social network, iWork, creating videos, podcasts and other online applications that can be used to create interesting projects achieving the greatest advantage of the tools, to stimulate and break down the learning frontier of the students.
Learn how to use different applications, identifying the usefulness of every program and application to develop multi-software students.


Learn how to obtain greater advantage of technological tools; know the different digital objects that can be generated from an Entrepreneur Project.
Lead your students with challenging tasks, using their technological background and connecting them with real life.
Discover the technological potential of the students by solving challenging tasks where they can apply their knowledge using software properly in creative projects.
The students will demonstrate the tools used and the digital objects obtained with their virtual Business.
The teachers will have Access to the information, objects and know how, to use different programs for the development of business projects


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Know how create a Virtual Business

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