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Marcela Fluchaire, Centro Escolar Los Altos with Maricela Alcocer Leal, Elsa Judith Cuen Quintero, María Paula Díaz Guzmán, Anna Sofía Espinosa González and Bárbara Gomez Cortés

Purpose & Objectives

When it comes to teaching a foreign language it could be a hard thing to do if you are using paper and pencil only; however the students are involved in technology nowadays and it is through this that we want to motivate them to write and speak in other language using technology.
This type of Project can be used to teach gramar tenses, vocabulary, etc. Which will allow the students to join their everyday life with the language they are learning.
The students discover themselves writing even more information when using technology rather than when they write on paper.
At the end of the activity the students will have discovered their own progress in their personal learning process.


Participants will be able to observe the digital journals, the process of how to use eBook and Podcast to express their everyday life using another language, in this case French.
The students will show you the steps to create a dairy using eBooks and podcast.
The participants will be able to download the used methodology for guiding the students in the creation of this technology project.


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