Learn Human Rights using Apps


Mariana Manzano, Centro Escolar Los Altos with María José Camarena González, Andrea Leticia Gómez Velasco, Jocelyn Guadalupe Hernández Valerio, Paloma Medina González, Elizabeth Pinzon and María Fernanda Escobedo Flores.

Purpose & Objectives

Get everybody to know the Human Rights through a friendly app created by our students. Given the importance of creating awareness in students regarding the Rights and Duties they have, students will create an App to explain the Human Rights focused on the youth.
The content of the App will be of great value since it will contain both global and local rights information and recommendations, making this app attractive to both residents and visitors of our country (Mexico).
This App will be available to be downloaded to mobile devices such as iPod, iPad, iPhone or any smartphone.


During the presentation we will show you our students’ best Apps, and all the process to create one.
Participants will be able to create their own App in just a few minutes with a web application using information, photos and previously selected links, and they will be able to download it to their mobile devices so they can share it with their students.

Download our Projects

Teacher plans

Check out our Human Rights Apps!

For Android

App-Android Andrea amaral

Human Rights App by Andrea Amaral


Human Rights App by Alejandra Camberos

app HR android-nicole

Human Rights App by Nicole Gresatti








app android Calderón

Human Rights App by Carmen Calderón

For iPhone

App-iphone Andrea amaral

App Human Rights by Andrea Amaral


App Human Rights by Alejandra Camberos

app HR iphone - nicole

Human Rights App by Nicole Gresatti








Human Rights App by Carmen Lucía Calderón

Human Rights App by Nicole Gresatti

Try here! 

Gallery of Human Rights Apps

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-19 a la(s) 00.34.05 Captura de pantalla 2013-06-19 a la(s) 00.52.44 derecho9











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