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Claudia Chavarria, Centro Escolar Los Altos with Maricarmen Arana, Ana Isabel González Gutiérrez, Ana Sofía Gutiérrez Padilla, Gabriela Martínez Sánchez Carrillo, Cecilia Mendieta León, Elisa Daniela Mendoza Equihua and Camila Rivera Araujo

Purpose & Objectives

The students will demonstrate how to use iBooks Author to elaborate short stories with their specific characteristics and structure for the purpose of creating a virtual library using Moodle.
In the Reading & Writing class the students will create short stories with diverse themes as grammar, adventures, biographies, etc. Once the stories are elaborated the students will illustrate the cover using Adobe Illustrator CS5 before sharing them with the elementary students.


During the exhibition the students will show the participants how to create a story using the iBook Author application, presenting in a creative manner, the work done in the Writing class.
The list of options will be presented for the construction of the stories, like grammatical structures, biographies, specific vocabulary, and the structure to elaborate amusing tales.
The students will demonstrate how to create a virtual library that will allow them to share the tales with other students and institutions through Moodle and iPads.


iCreateiCreate, iShare, iLearn with iBooks Author

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