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Elizabeth Pinzon, Centro Escolar Los Altos with Iris Montserrat Altamirano Gallardo, María Paula Diaz Guzmán, Bárbara Araceli Gómez Cortés, Jocelyn Guadalupe Hernández Valerio, Montserrat Ortiz de Montellano Vega and Mariana Guadalupe Ramírez Cervantes

Purpose & Objectives

In the robotic class the students will develop an App to teach how to build, design and program a robot using Vex for other robotic teams, this will include tutorial videos, podcasts and diagrams to demonstrate the processes.
This App will be available for all participants.


In the presentation we will show an easy way to create a tutorial App through trying it in the moment.
All participants will be involved in the creation of a sample in fifteen minutes, coached by our students.

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This project’s aim is to develop a logbook of work that allows sharing to teams of Hispanic native speaker’s tutorials to start a robotics team and to learn to program, it has been prepared by the students of robotics workshop.


We´ll share the application developed by our teams iBots and Eagles through RC Codes for download on smartphones and html format for viewing on the blog.

It collects valuable information contained in translating some English into Spanish and developed to facilitate video equipment start in robotics.

Robotics teams included video tutorials, instructions and documentation in pdf, podcast and images in their robot designs App

Through this robotics workshop project teams share their experiences and knowledge in VEX.

If you are part of a robotics team and are interested in creating an App for the future generations of your school, we invite you to follow our steps and let footprint!









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Robot Structure