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Consuelo Melendez, Centro Escolar Los Altos with Elsa Judith Cuen Quintero, Ana Patricia Fernandez Jiménez, Barbara Araceli Gómez Cortés, Rebeca Partida Flores and Elizabeth Pinzon


Purpose & Objectives

Usually students turn in their lab reports in paper including some drawings and they don’t show interest or creativity in their work.
Now we promote the use of mobile devices into the Sciences Lab during the experiment to focus the project. Making this project students can develop critical thinking, creativity, collaborative working, sharing the results by publishing them.
Change the way students usually work and encourage them to improve their academic level using technological skills.
iMovie allows students to create great movies in minutes; teachers can get benefitted by creating digital content in their asignment.



During the presentation the students will show to participants how to make an HD video using iMovie, applying effects and templates.
We show you how it is possible for students to point specific steps of the experiment through video reports instead of drawing or writing reports.
All participants will create a short video with the experiences obtained in the Conference, editing it in 10 minutes with our students help and then sharing it in YouTube.
We will present the best lab reports movies made from our students about Osmosis, Characteristics of living things, and DNA extraction.

Our Papers

iBook Tutorial


iMovie is a powerful and easy tool, look the video and observe the effects

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