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Luz Graciela De Alba, Centro Escolar Los Altos with Maricarmen Arana, María José Camarena González, Andrea Leticia Gómez Velasco, Jocelyn Guadalupe Hernández Valerio, Paloma Medina González and María Fernanda Escobedo Flores.

 Purpose & Objectives

Students will show how technology can be used in cooking classes and how it impacts in their life.
Apps facilitate the access to any data, are portable, easy to handle and the students love using them.
Students will create Apps to share their experience in the cooking lab. They will do it through a digital cooking book which includes ingredients, podcast and videos for procedure, and their experience.
We design interactive and interesting projects that help students exceed their learning frontier using iLife and web applications.


In the presentations participants will dress up like chefs and prepare a recipe.
Our students will take photos and videos while participants are cooking, coaching them in the creation of the app using web applications.
In the presentation we will give you the technical support to create different kinds of Apps.
We will show you the student’s cooking book App which includes delicious Mexican recipes that have been tested and rated.
Participants can download the Cooking & Learning App in their mobile device.

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